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Fashion Elitists
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This is a rating community for those who are attractive and have a unique look. We encourage all shapes and sizes. You must have some sort of style and a rocking personality.

You must fill out the application and be accepted as a member before posting anything. Not complying with rules can and will get you banned.

Once you join as a member, you will need to put up an application within 72 hours. If you do not do that. You will be banned.

This place doesn't rely solely on looks. It really is all about the presentation of the whole package, meaning you! We like to know that there is substance to our community members and not just another pretty face. So make your application fun and play nice.

1.You must be at least 17 to apply here. Don't lie either.
2.If denied, you can reapply in one week.
4. No flame wars.
5. You must be stamped to post or comment on other threads other than your own on your application.
6. Do not edit your application information unless it is a small typo, or if you forgot a picture, or I give you permission to do so.
7. Do not type like an idiot year by using "u" "ur" "VaNiTyGiRl4U" etc. It is really annoying.
8. While your application is being voted on, do not bring your friends over to comment and do not harass members in their personal journals or on IM. You will be banned.
9. Do not apply here if you are afraid of rejection. If you can't stand the heat, get your ass out of the kitchen.
10. DO NOT DELETE COMMENTS ON YOUR POST-You will be banned. LJ CUT your full application.
11. NO NUDE PHOTOS! No photoshopped photos.
Photos should include your fashion style.
Post no more than 5-7 pics and place pics and application behind an LJ cut.
12. Your application will be stamped within 72 hours.
13. If for some reason you are having application problems, please take the time to visit our User Info pages for each moderator listed in the community and e-mail them. Do not post it in the community. You will get banned.

Rules for members
First and foremost, once you are accepted as a stamped member, please Link Your application here. Thank you!
1. Don't put undecided and don't put your vote of yes or no in a conversation thread-it will get lost and go unnoticed. Make a seperate Yes or NO post. BOLD YOUR VOTE
2.If you become a member-do not type like a fifteen year old by using "u" "ur" "VaNiTyGiRl4U"
3. When accepted use discretion with what you say to fellow members and applicants-everyone wants to get respect, so learn to give it if you want to get it. I will intervene if I think an arguement or stupidity has gone on too long.
4. Don't feed the trolls too much. A little bit is fine. But give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
5. Do not ask applicants random questions with no relevance to their application. Please judge applicants based solely on their application/pics fasthion, not on music.
6. If you leave the community, please let the maintainer of the community know by either e-mail or IM. If you have any issues, take it up with one of the mods. If you leave the community and don't tell us why, you will be added to the banned list.
7. Once you are accepted, you can vote on applications after yours, not before yours. That means all new applicants not ones that applied around the same time you did. Do not bring your friends over to comment and do not harass members in their personal journals or on IM. You will be banned.
8. If you change your journal name, let us know what it is so we can fix our accepted members page.
9. If you have an extended absence (without telling us why you are gone) or only participate by posting pics and not voting on applicants we can and will ban you! LJ CUT your pictures.
10. Accepted Members: We do vote outs every two months. If you get voted out, you can reapply if you want to.

Most of all, have Fun!


Post no more than 5-7 pictures (NO DIRECT LINKS!) and place pics and application behind an LJ cut.


Age and Birthday:
Where do you live?

Do you consider yourself attractive?

Do you get told all of the time just how attractive you are? What do they say most of the time?

What physical features do you like and dislike about yourself?

More Fun Stuff!
Are you a member of a rating community? If yes, which ones?

What is your favorite style of clothing?

What was your favorite era?

What is your favorite movie?

Who are your top 5 favorite bands?

More Stuff
What is your best quality?

Who is your favorite female and male icon?

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Favorite Book, by whom?

If you could have sex with anyone person in the world, who would it be?

Name someone on LJ that you think is beautiful. Specific LJ names)

What is ultimately sexy to you?

Share with us something that makes you kind of dorky!

How did you find this community?

Why do you want to be a member?

How do you express your individuality?

Anything else you want to share?

Please fill this out with your application:
I, < your username > have read ALL of the community rules and will follow them. If I do not adhere to them, I understand that I can and will be banned from the community. I also agree if accepted as a member to actually vote. Signed, < your username >

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your friendly mods.

Our stamps were created by curcusenvy.
Thank you to jenionfire for rewriting the application and rules for us.

Members Approved

A. adamjnet americasdarling o0olellyo0o all_the_photos
B.badassbitch77 bluevioletriotbrokncuntdevice
C.circuspony chopie contagiousxkiss courteffingney curcusenvy
D. dansetothe80s dillonpuff
E. elitiste_bourge etothestar
F. fagtard
H. heathers_rawr hydinho
I.__incantare isabella_lynn
J. jessa010
L.levicieux lil_gurl00 louisstamos love_graft loveistobeauty loveonamixtape lovestruck_fool
M.missdesirae mutilations mymothercouture meganisgo
N. no_vacancies number18
P. polaroidheart pleadthefifth pannda
R. rubysoho9ruth__baker r_x_queen
S.salvamea_ sundaymourning southern_beauty stewardesses sweetxsugar stepsandnumbers
T. the_vacant_grrl tinydancer3 tuscadero_death
U. uproar
X. xfivefootfuryx
Misc- __ambrosia

A.aimis alabasterskin alysalovespunkamericanxmoney
B. barbiemobile beaversmackies bionic blackroses6669 blondelamb break_free
C. cigarettes__ cyphinseth
D. dirrtysuthrngrl dustyheart dsl_babe
F. fadinq_away sooshi
G. glassdanse__gojerkoff goodbyejoshua gothiquegoddess gutter_river girlgoddess09
H. heathavoid
I. idrainnoodles ifyouwish infernobushishi
J. jenfa2103 jon_meadowbrook
K. kandiesweet kittievikkigirl koolwithak
L. miaowow
M. materialistic maximillion49 miss_g_
S. spiderchild spybreak303 starla7 shadows916
T.try_tryagainterribull whitemansburden theglitterqueen tigergoddess00 tina_dot_com tsunaminah
V. verbalseductionvanitywhore
X.xoxohx xjamesxdeanx xxsher xrocketsummerxxpanduhx
Misc: _shellofmyself _candypants_

angelblakeattack_napkin awkwardmelody anythursday
biancasucia bossanovababy
cutekawaii curtistheman292
vara_design danceyouhoe
idl0tbox incoryable izzykite
jepensejetaime kittumkatzum
malori_714 murder_tramp
winegirl onlylogical
savagemind stillhurting
outofmymind_ paintedxolady
xxjesusxchristx xbluexhalox

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