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Name: Julie
Age and Birthday: 18 ~ April 19th
Where do you live? Pittsburgh, Pa

Do you consider yourself attractive? Sometimes, i think it all depends on if i am having a good hair day or not.

Do you get told all of the time just how attractive you are? What do they say most of the time? Not all the time, that im pretty and have nice eyes

What physical features do you like and dislike about yourself? I like my nose for some reason, and i do not like my body-if that counts as a physical feature

More Fun Stuff!
Are you a member of a rating community? If yes, which ones? ------

What is your favorite style of clothing? "emo" and vintage

What was your favorite era? 50's or...haha..80's, i like the bright colors in the 80's.

What is your favorite movie? Everafter, Moulin Rouge, and Super Troopers

Who are your top 5 favorite bands? Punchline, Fall out boy, No doubt, Coheed and Cambria, Lennon-she is actually a singer but very awesome.

More Stuff
What is your best quality? My sense of humor

Who is your favorite female and male icon? Marilyn Monroe and Paul Menotiades

What is your most embarrassing moment? haha, i just bought a new bra, it was purple and lacey- you could tell very much it was a bra, and how i was holding my bag...it fell out, in the middle of the mall...i walked into a store about 200 ft away and i noticed it was gone, i ran back from where i came from and i saw it laying in the middle of ground, no one was around but this one guy in his 20's who saw everything and he was sitting there laughing, i had to run over and get the bra off the ground while he was still sitting there laughing.

Favorite Book, by whom? Run Catch Kiss- Amy Sohn

If you could have sex with anyone person in the world, who would it be? Paul Menotiades

Name someone on LJ that you think is beautiful. Specific LJ names: jessa010

What is ultimately sexy to you? I dont know if this will make sense... but being daring with what you wear, people could think it is the ugliest skirt ever and it could look incredible on you. I guess just having a good fashion sense, i dont want to see 10 people in the same shirt. I like people who dress different. That's what i think is sexy.

Share with us something that makes you kind of dorky! uh hm....When i am laughing really hard, i snort. Snorting is such a dorky thing to do... : x

How did you find this community? I Typed in "hot fashion" under interest

Why do you want to be a member? To get opinions from other members about stuff i should/should not buy, and about hair and makeup and all that jazz...

How do you express your individuality? I tell people the truth, my fashion sense is different from anyone elses i know, one minute i will be in a band t and jeans, and next i will be in a pretty peach dress with some killer heals.

Anything else you want to share? Have a super day.

Please fill this out with your application:
I, < Xcold_as_youx> have read ALL of the community rules and will follow them. If I do not adhere to them, I understand that I can and will be banned from the community. I also agree if accepted as a member to actually vote. Signed, < Xcold_as_youx >

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or description
---Dont mind the girl to the right.

*sorry i just got a new computer-i could only get 4 pix...i hope that does not ruin my chances.
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Your application wasn't bad, but nothing to get excited about.
You're not attractive.
And I didn't see much style.

It sucked that the first application we've had in what seems the forever was...rather bland. I'm very disappointed.

Oh, and by the way, don't worry; I've dropped much worse on the floor in public, I was at the mall as well, actually.

I don't really see any individual style. nope.
Your style looks like everyone elses..
Your application was ok..
But all in all I am going to say no. You are right, probably the lack of more and different pictures ruined your chances. Sorry.
This community is dead right now anyways.

you seem boring.