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[04 Jul 2005|02:41am]

wow, been a really long time. am i even still a member? here are some updated picsCollapse )

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applicant. [30 Nov 2004|11:43pm]

applicationCollapse )

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[31 Jul 2004|02:02pm]

This community is real dead :(
I posted this in a makeup community, but I thought some here might find it interesting. It's just some stuff I played around with based on old 80's fashion ads. If you guys ever find it, you should check out this excess in 80's fashion book, it's really cool.

my friend also bleached parts of my hair last week
a few moreCollapse )

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Application [27 Jul 2004|12:12pm]

Application!Collapse )

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Farewell [25 Jul 2004|10:08am]

I'm pretty sure I left this community awhile ago, however I still show up on your list of members. Would a mod please remove me? Thanks :)

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[26 Jun 2027|04:47pm]

Wavy or straight?Collapse )

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*new layout* [25 Jun 2004|05:06pm]

new layout. let me know what you think! i plan on making the image a little smaller once i'm back on my own computer.

(Flash Some Fashion)

stamped [24 Jun 2004|02:38am]

i know you all are myspace slores
so add me before i get
fucking medieval on your asses!


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everyone better vote... or else [21 Jun 2004|10:55am]

[ mood | dirty ]

i tallyed up the votes for the new layout pictures. i've got it narrowed down to 3. the votes were close but can everyone please just vote for 1 and we'll hopefully have the new layout done by the end of the week.


(Flash Some Fashion)

stamped/ thought you all might appriciate these... [17 Jun 2004|05:29am]


these bags are totally customizable! you can choose different colours of ribbon, the felt graphic shapes/ colours, and the colour of the bag. white bags are $11, and neon bags are $12. this is inclusive of shipping. this is your last chance to order! help me out and buy one!

ORDER FORMCollapse )

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stamped [09 Jun 2004|01:28am]

[ mood | in love ]

it's been a long time i shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.Collapse )

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[04 Jun 2004|01:54pm]

[ mood | full ]

i'm thinking of re-doing the journal layout. for a new background, i've chosen some pictures. let me know which one you guys like best.

pictures found behind the cutCollapse )

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stamped [31 May 2004|07:37pm]

just some pictures of me
we can't be bought, it's not enoughCollapse )

(Flash Some Fashion)

cross-posted about everywhere. [31 May 2004|03:01pm]


want some granny sex?Collapse )

P.S JOIN fashfuckinista IT'S THE COOL THING TO DO!!

(Flash Some Fashion)

[25 May 2004|05:18pm]


(Flash Some Fashion)

[24 May 2004|09:25pm]

join tapitorslapit now!

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[22 May 2004|01:11am]

ok i haven't posted in here in a while, i've been in the process of packing and such for a move coming up, and I haven't had time to take any REAL pictures, so here are some cheesmo webcam ones:

sorry for crappy stuffCollapse )

(Flash Some Fashion)

[19 May 2004|09:30pm]

I'm just getting a new community started with a friend.
Please come join! The first five members get in free.
the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls
the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls
the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls the_dolls

sorry if this isn't allowed, you can promote in our community once it gets started.

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stamped [11 May 2004|04:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Grad Dress fever

la .. la .. la ...Collapse )

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x-posted & stamped [07 May 2004|01:37am]

Oh! And today, I wore three outfits and two hairstyles, I really liked my hair in the latter half of the day, (the part where I dropped off my resume in a miniskirt and spectators and picked up a girl friend for a lovely evening and then changed into pyjamas).

repitition emphasizes emotion; the smiles aren't forcedCollapse )

(and a girl can always use more friends, if you know what I'm sayin')

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