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Name: Veronica
Age and Birthday: 20. 10-10-1984
Where do you live? Ohio

Do you consider yourself attractive? yes.

Do you get told all of the time just how attractive you are? What do they say most of the time?
not all the time. when i do, they say i'm cute.

What physical features do you like and dislike about yourself? like: stomach. dislike: nose&chin

More Fun Stuff!
Are you a member of a rating community? If yes, which ones? none, yet...

What is your favorite style of clothing? hmm.. i like thrift store clothes, & 80s style.

What was your favorite era? probably 60s-80s

What is your favorite movie? White Oleander

Who are your top 5 favorite bands? 1.Frou Frou 2.Lovedrug 3.Damien Rice 4.The Postal Service 5.Modest Mouse

More Stuff
What is your best quality? i dont take friendships for granted.

Who is your favorite female and male icon? Alison Lohman & Tim Burton

What is your most embarrassing moment? during the summer, i went to this native american thing. a bunch of people went into a rock lodge. sort of like a sauna only hotter. i was walking back to our room, and this kid put his gross sweaty boxers on my head. so i ran, i tripped up the stairs and my towel fell down. a 14year old boy, saw me naked. not good.

Favorite Book, by whom? The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

If you could have sex with anyone person in the world, who would it be? my friend Evan.<33

Name someone on LJ that you think is beautiful. Specific LJ names) california___

What is ultimately sexy to you? hands, i find hands incredibly sexy. and backs too. nice ones

Share with us something that makes you kind of dorky! i play DDR.

How did you find this community?someone's info.

Why do you want to be a member? for opinions.

How do you express your individuality? by being different?

Anything else you want to share? no, thanks.


Please fill this out with your application:
I, < tastelikegrapes > have read ALL of the community rules and will follow them. If I do not adhere to them, I understand that I can and will be banned from the community. I also agree if accepted as a member to actually vote. Signed, < tastelikegrapes >

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